Our Mission:


Our mission at FOSTER Communications is to add tremendous value to our clients' businesses. We do this by developing the best marketing strategy, offering unparalleled service along with breakthrough creative and results driven objectives. Becoming an outside extension of our clients marketing team is our vision.


Some companies have only one core value. We have three:

Viability, Goodness & Excellence


Viability means having the strength to be self-supporting, financially secure and growing.

Goodness directs our efforts by reminding us to always "do the right thing" by treating each other the    way we want to be treated ourselves.

Excellence is adding value through such things as producing great work, honoring agreements and maintaining a positive outlook when it comes to the demands of our business.


Together these three values form the foundation for our success.


Treating our employees as colleagues on an equal plane rather than subordinates. We treat our clients and employees the way we would like to be treated. Give our colleagues the freedom to express their creativity in a productive and profitable manner.